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The Alliance Pub in 42-46 Mill Lane, London NW6 1NR was up for sale.
This site is still VERY DRAFT but is being used to disseminate some information

MORE Good News: 26 March 2106
This email was sent to all people who filled in the survey.
First, thanks for your continued support for the Save the Alliance Campaign.
Second, an update: Michael has been talking to the new owner and things are looking good. There are things to sort out but we can have some confidence the pub will stay (and probably Michael as well), so things will go quiet from me now, but, if I may, I will keep your email addresses in case we need further action. (if not just unsubscribe).
Happy pubbing, Nick

Good News: 10 March 2016
The Alliance has been added to Camden's list of Assets of Community Value. But now the hard works starts as there are a number of rumours about the actual state of the proposed sale. Is it already sold? If so what does that mean? Anyway the decision letter is here.

Thanks for all the support many of you have given. We may be asking for more!

The original text on this website (with some updates): 2 Feb 2106

While it might be bought by a new pub oriented owner there is a strong possibility that the Alliance might be bought by a developer who closes it down and tries to convert it all to residential. Many locals think the pub is a great local asset and would be horrified at its loss, let alone what the loss of another retail outlet in Mill Lane will do to the local economy. (The current landlord, Michael, is the tenant, not the owner, so don't blame him!)

The West Hampstead and Fortune Green Neighbourhood Development Forum (NDF) has applied for the pub to be listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) which while it cannot stop the loss of the pub, does draw a deep line in the sand, and gives the local community the chance to buy and retain it as a pub as a last resort. The fact that we have applied already means that no changes can be made to the pub without planning consent which gives some protection. Our application can be seen here. We have pulled together more information through our survey (see next paragraph) to prove the immense impact the loss of the pub will have on the local community. The extra information is now submitted.

We have set up a survey to help us prove that the reasons we are giving in the application are true and to get as many names as possible, you, your family and friends, to show support of the pub staying as a pub.

Although we have submitted the results of the first 765 survey returns we still need as much support as possible so don't think your vote will not matter. The survey will be terminated eventually on 23 March 2016, due to cost...Thanks


The Alliance was put on the market by the owners, Greene King, during January. Details were published by AG&G, specialist pub sellers. The prospectus asked for bids to be put in by 3 February 2016, so there is going to be a race to save the pub. If you want to read the prospectus contact us.

There are several possible outcomes of the sale. HOWEVER, all these ideas and statements need to be checked:

  • The pub is sold to developers who redevelop it into flats, even pulling down the whole building. Disaster and urban vandalism by the devlopers and their henchmen, the beginning of the end for the community of Mill Lane.
  • The pub is sold to a development company which says it will run it as a pub and then runs it into the ground then claims it is unviable as a pub and attempts to convert it to residential.
  • The pub is bought by a developer or pub company who convert the upper floors to flats and keep downstairs as a pub, as seems to be happening to The Railway on West End Lane. A tolerable solution, but we should ensure that none of the ground floor is converted to flats, making the pub too small to be viable, and losing ground-floor retail space on Mill Lane.
  • A pub company buys the pub and keeps it much as it is using the upper floors for staff accomodation or other activities compatible with the area. A good solution, but does depend on which pub company buys it.
  • The local community, with help, buys the pub and gets a tenant/manager to run it. Hard work but others have done it, and it is the fall-back position that an ACV listing is designed to help. If it is listed in time we have 6 weeks to pull together sound ideas to take it over, then 6 months to raise the cash. We would possibly, but not necessarily, need to raise funds to the market value, but as a pub it would be a lot cheaper than if it was going to be developed.
  • Other solutions include finding an individual landlord to buy it. Persuading Greene King to change their minds. Possibly persuading Greene King to renounce the tie but still own the pub. Persuading Greene King to help find a good solution for all concerned. And ....?

More on this to come over the next few weeks.

LB Camden are updating their local plan. Its out for consultation now. This is what the plan says about pubs which is great. You can support the plan here.